Trail bike riding is an increasingly popular, fun and adventurous way to enjoy the outdoors. Victoria provides adventurous trail riding on an extensive network of public roads and four-wheel drive tracks in State forests, parks and reserves.

Victoria has approximately 36,000km of public roads through State forests, parks and reserves which are available for use by licensed riders on registered motorcycles. Some of this road network is made up of unsealed 2WD roads, but much of it is 4WD tracks (also referred to as roads) available for public use. Many of these tracks offer an adventurous riding experience through the forest.

You may ride on any of the forest, park and reserve roads open to the public, but for environmental protection reasons it is illegal to drive off formed roads. Some of these roads are designated Management Vehicles Only and some public roads are closed during winter for safety reasons or to protect the road surface. These roads will have barriers and signposting to advise they are not open for public use.

Visit the Department of Environment and Primary Industries website for more information and maps about trail bike riding in Victoria. 

Without Licence or Registration

Unlicensed riders and riders with unregistered bikes are limited to private land and motorcycle club venues. Joining a club gives you a properly supervised place to ride, plus the opportunity to improve your skills through training offered by qualified coaches. Visit the Motorcycling Victoria website for a list of affiliated clubs near you and a calendar of events.

Tour Operators

There are tour operators licensed to run commercial trail bike tours on Victoria's public land. To find out more about licensed tour operators running commercial trail bike tours, visit the tour operators activities listing.