Canoeing on the Murray 

Canoeing is a great way to explore the beautiful waterways. You can appreciate the tranquility of a number of national parks from the vantage point of the water, and you may spot wildlife that hikers don’t normally see. It is not only great for general fitness; it can also be relaxing paddling through waterways and taking in the incredible bushland from a different perspective.

There are a number of popular canoe trails in Victoria, including rivers, back waters, and wetlands that are havens for wildlife.

The best time for canoeing is September to April. Anyone considering visiting the canoe trails around Victoria will need to be able to swim, have a medium level of fitness, and always wear a life jacket. For further information and to ensure safe canoeing, please see Transport Safety Victoria’s safety guidelines and rules for operating paddle craft and check river levels and weather conditions with the Bureau of Metrology before your trip.

Where can I go canoeing?

Barmah National Park

From the flowing Murray River, to the secluded creeks or Barmah Lake, there's so much to discover in this region. Located in Northern Victoria, these wetlands are a haven for waterbirds and great for fishing, with a number of canoe trails for families to enjoy.

Gunbower National Park

Koondrook Canoe Trail in Northern Victoria meanders through 5km of wetlands and is home to many waterbirds, aquatic plants and wildlife.

Lower Glenelg National Park

The Glenelg River in South West Victoria offers excellent opportunities for flat water canoeing over 75kms from Dartmoor to its mouth near Nelson, enabling enthusiasts to observe wildlife in its natural environment. The most popular canoe trip is the 3 day paddle from Moleside to Nelson.

Lysterfield Park 

Lysterfield Lake, not far from Melbourne, is popular with water sports enthusiasts and offers a safe place for beginner canoeists. 

Snowy River National Park

The Snowy River in Eastern Victoria offers thrilling canoeing with rugged gorges, rapids, and flat sections with sand bars and beautiful scenery. The most popular section for canoeing is from McKillops Bridge to Balley Hooley at the Buchan River junction, which takes three to four days to complete, and the gentle sloping sandbars provide ideal camping spots. 

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