Lake activities


Take a refreshing swim in one of two protected swimming bays with sandy beaches. There are two swimming bays. Both of these have a gradual increase in water depth and are surrounded by sand along the shore.

For your safety, no hard craft are allowed in these bays and glass is not permitted on the beaches.


Go sailing on the protected waters of the 82 ha lake.

Non-powered boating is permitted at Lysterfield but controls have been introduced to protect shallow waterbird habitat and swimmers' safety in the lake.

Boats are excluded from zones in the northern and eastern extremities of the lake, these areas being marked by a line of buoys.

Life jackets or buoyancy vests must be worn at all times. Model boating is also allowed but only non-powered craft can be used. Boat trailer parking, boat launching and rigging zone and shower block/change rooms are available.


Sailing is permitted in monohull boats up to 5 metres long and multi-hull boats up to 4.3 metres long. There is a local sailing club which welcomes new members. If you would like further details on membership please contact Parks Victoria on 13 1963.

Canoeing, rowing and sailboarding are also permitted, but the number of boats at any one time on the lake may be controlled.

Accessibility information

Sailability Program

Come along to the Lysterfield Lake and try sailing an Access dinghy. Access Dinghies were designed to appeal to that huge majority of the world’s population who would love to have a go at sailing, but find it too difficult or uninviting to do so.

Sailability is available to everyone. Lysterfield Sailability is being developed and already provides an extensive range of sailing activities at the lake. Sailability is held every Wednesday and every second Sunday. The facility is in development and future improvements will provide for better access and improvements for people with a disability.

For more information about Sailability at Lysterfield visit the Lysterfield Sailing Club website