How to make a complaint

The options to make a complaint are as follows:

What we do first

The person to whom you made the complaint will attempt to resolve the issue at a local level. If the issue is resolved, the staff member will contact you to ask if you would still like to lodge an official complaint. If you wish to make an official complaint, we will assess the complaint, question relevant officers and read any relevant documents.


We expect to respond to you within one month.

Your responsibilities

In making your complaint you are responsible for:

If you feel at any stage that there is further clarification you can add to your complaint, please contact the nominated Complaints Officer. Likewise, if the Complaints Officer feels that your complaint is unclear or they require more information from you, they may telephone or email you to discuss.

Our responsibilities

Parks Victoria is responsible for:

When a complaint takes longer to deal with

If our initial inquiries do not provide a satisfactory answer or reveal a bigger issue we will let you know and advise you of a revised time frame. It can take more time if we need to:

Escalating complaints